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Our skilled Whitby & Peterborough divorce lawyers know that this is your life and you will have to live with the results of your case. While the important decisions should be yours to decide, we will give your our professional legal opinions with the reasons behind them. At Abi Law we want to help you make the right decisions for you and your family while ensuring an efficient, cost effective resolution to your legal situation.

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The Abi Law approach is defined by collaboration and expertise to advocate for resolution. We respect the changing nature of every unique legal case. We embrace the challenge and strive to ensure progressive, family oriented solutions to support your transition.

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Our skilled Whitby & Peterborough divorce lawyer know that each situation is unique and we strive to give you professional legal advice to help resolve your legal issues.

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Knowledge is power. We have the knowledge and expertise that Whitby & Peterborough residents can rely on to achieve their goals. We are an established Whitby & Peterborough divorce and family law firm. We are devoted to family law and divorce law services. We also include custody, parenting, division of property, common law separations, child support, spousal support, adoption, collaborative law and more. We value the pursuit of knowledge and we understand the intricacies of divorce law. You can count on our divorce lawyers to provide you with accurate and up to date legal divorce advice so that you can find the best possible solution.

Divorce Law Services

In any divorce situation you will have two possible outcomes, reaching a decision on your own or having a decision made for you. At Abi Law we help our clients by giving them alternative dispute resolutions and a litigation approach. Abi Law understands that the major decisions are yours to make, so we will outline your options for you. We will provide you a cost benefit analysis and provide you professional divorce advice with the reasoning behind it. Abi Law wants to help you make the right decisions for you and your family, while at the time delivering a cost effective solution to your legal issues.

 Custody and    Access

It is arguable that there exists no single, precise definition of either “custody” or “access”. The relevant legislation provides, for the most part, only general principles to guide the exercise of the courts' discretion in this area.



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 Child Support


In an effort to provide predictability for the calculation of child support, the Child Support Guidelines, O. Reg. 391/97 (the "Guidelines”), set out presumptive rules for the calculation of the amount of child support payable with respect to both children over and under the age of majority.  



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 Spousal Support


The starting point for calculating income for spousal support purposes is the income determination method set out in the Child Support Guidelines, including the Schedule III adjustments.




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 Property             Division

There are essentially two types of property claims that can be brought by spouses: claims by married spouses under the Family Law Act, and claims by married or common-law spouses for equitable relief, unjust enrichment, and/or constructive trust claims under the Family Law Rules (i.e. "other property claims").                                                                                                     Read more

 Collaborative Law

The collaborative process is not a “battle”; rather it is a streamlined process for resolution that is efficient and settlement focused. Where parties are generally dissatisfied by a Court Order imposed upon them by a Judge, in the collaborative setting, parties work toward a settlement that makes sense to them.

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Abi Adeusi

Barrister and Solicitor

Abi Adeusi, Lawyer


Aubrey McFarlane

Law Clerk

Aubrey McFarlane, Law Clerk



From our Initial meeting I was impressed with both Abiola Adeusi’s professionalism and understanding of my requirements. As my case continued I was updated regularly and given clear and concise direction while maintaining a high degree of compassion and support. Abiola’s empathy and patience is to be commended. In my view Abiola Adeusi regularly went above and beyond what was required. It is without hesitation or reservation that I recommend Abiola Adeusi’s legal services.

S. M.

December 14, 2015

Lisa Woodcock

Law Clerk

Lisa Woodcock, Law Clerk

Why Choose Abi Law?

  • We care about your family and that is why we focus on collaborative and fair resolutions.
  • We assist you in increasing the control you have over your legal situation. We educate you with the legal knowledge required to make informed decisions
  • We promote alternative dispute resolutions to help decrease the emotional and financial issues of your divorce.
  • Our team will keep you up to date on all the major developments of your legal case
  • Our team will try to keep the resolution out of the courts, this will help keep down your stress and costs.

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