Custody and    Access

It is arguable that there exists no single, precise definition of either “custody” or “access”. The relevant legislation provides, for the most part, only general principles to guide the exercise of the courts' discretion in this area.



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 Child Support


In an effort to provide predictability for the calculation of child support, the Child Support Guidelines, O. Reg. 391/97 (the "Guidelines”), set out presumptive rules for the calculation of the amount of child support payable with respect to both children over and under the age of majority.  



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 Spousal Support


The starting point for calculating income for spousal support purposes is the income determination method set out in the Child Support Guidelines, including the Schedule III adjustments.




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 Property             Division

There are essentially two types of property claims that can be brought by spouses: claims by married spouses under the Family Law Act, and claims by married or common-law spouses for equitable relief, unjust enrichment, and/or constructive trust claims under the Family Law Rules (i.e. "other property claims").                                                                                                     Read more

 Collaborative Law

The collaborative process is not a “battle”; rather it is a streamlined process for resolution that is efficient and settlement focused. Where parties are generally dissatisfied by a Court Order imposed upon them by a Judge, in the collaborative setting, parties work toward a settlement that makes sense to them.

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