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Facing a family law or divorce issue means that you’re facing one of the most difficult challenges of your life. I understand your situation. I know just how trying this time is for everyone involved, especially the children.

My name is Abi Adeusi, and I am here to provide personal counsel, steady leadership, and assertive representation. I have dedicated over ten years specializing in separation and divorce law.

When facing divorce, separation, a child custody battle, or any other family law issue, you cannot afford anything less than exceptional legal representation. I have the experience and educational pedigree to provide you with only the best.

Please contact my office, so that my team and myself can discuss your unique situation and formulate a plan of action without delay.


  • Best lawyer in town. Fair and fights hard. Great rates and worth every cent. If I could give 10 stars I would.

    A. P.

  • Abi Adeusi and her staff are phenomenal. They are professional, knowledgeable, committed and understanding. Ms. Adeusi has a comprehensive knowledge of family law and many years of experience. She gives clear, well thought out advice. She was recommended to me by about 3 other friends who were all so grateful that they had had Abi as their lawyer. When we first met, I knew that we were a good match…..she is trustworthy, loyal, calm, skillful and has an unprecedented work ethic. My family and I are infinitely grateful for Abi...

    S. S.


Amoung the legal rights of those seeking a Divorce is the right to an equal share of the family's property. This is referred to as "equalization"

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Collaborative law is a fundamentally different approach to resolving family law matters where parties work cooperatively together.

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 Spousal Support

Ontario law recognizes the spousal relationship as an economic partnership. 


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 Child Support

In an effort to provide predictability for the calculation of child support, the Child Support Guidelines are here to help.

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It is arguable that there exists no single, precise definition of either “custody” or “access”. The relevant legislation provides only general principles.

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Six Myths About Divorce

Six Myths About Divorce

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Getting a divorce is a tough situation that requires considering the emotional, physical and financial status of the partner and the people involved. If a marriage is not progressing any longer, some misconceptions often make...