Upcoming Family Mediation Events to Help Separating Couples Save Time & Money

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Mediation is an alternate strategy for settling various issues in commercial-corporate lawsuit and for personal lawsuit claims. It saves big enterprises millions of dollars and is more effective than litigation. It is quicker, more flexible and confidential.

For the same reason, many families in Ontario are choosing mediation to settle family issues such as divorce, separation, property conflicts, sharing custody or support, etc. instead of turning to lawyers and counselors.

The main reasons that Ontarions prefer the Alternative Dispute Resolution instead of litigating family disputes are:

  • Family courts are often over crowded in most parts of the city which delay cases while the family needs quick solutions
  • Hiring a family lawyer is expensive and finding the right lawyer is time-consuming
  • The fear of facing self-representing an appeal in court without a lawyer which often leads to a lost cause or potentially revealing bigger issues
  • The need for privacy and confidentiality of the family members for the fear of creating a scandal and invading other private matters.

FDRIO (Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario) is a legal and self-regulating family law firm that advocates all system of family dispute settlements even in court when necessary.  The FDROI, which also offers professional certification in FDR and conflict management services, will present three events in and around Toronto, Ontario from 19th  to 24th November, 2018.

The three events which are held every year for FDR Week are:

  • 4th Annual FDRIO Conference in Toronto in November 19, 2018 under the theme: ‘Through the Lens of Change’. Aruna Papp, the Canadian Delegate at 57the Session of the UN, will speak on the keynotes of the FDR. Katherine Hensel, Principal and founder at Hensel Barristers is also expected to speak on topics to resolve family conflicts.
  • Parenting coordination is a specialized strategy used by professional counselors to assists separating couples with parental conflicts. The inauguration of Parenting Coordination Institute will also hosted on November 20, 2018 at the Law Society of Ontario by the FDRIO as they are the main provider of certification and professional standards and in official Parenting Coordination (PC) .
  • For the general citizens and for ADR professionals to witness and experience alternate ways to settle disputes through family arbitration, family meditation and med-arb, the Family Dispute Resolution Week (FDRweek) are also scheduled for the 2 days event. These events will be held in several places such as Ajax, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto, Etobicoke and Port Credit.