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Divorce is a painful process that some couples, unfortunately, go through. Whether it is due to inamicable differences or other reasons, consulting an experienced divorce is always a better way to settle things legally. Besides that, you will also be less stressed when you have someone else take care of the paper works, studying the case and representing you. Hiring a divorce lawyer Peterborough professional will also ensure that your rights are protected and that you get a fair settlement. You will also be given legal advice, emotional support and have legal advantages to settle your case as quickly as possible to save expenses.

Locally Accessible

At Abi Law, we ensure that you have access to the best local divorce lawyer who is acquainted with the judge, the court procedures at Peterborough and have an idea about the judge’s decision process which plays an integral part in building a case in your defence.

Effective Communication

Settling for an agreement can be challenging, especially for a couple who choose to divorce. With the help of our lawyer who is competent in communicating and resolving divorce issues such as child custody and support, property division or collaborations, you can be confident that you get a fair settlement from the divorce.


We also serve as mediators between the spouse and the judge to give you more time to concentrate on your emotional well-being. This way, there is no added negativity between the parties and ensure that everything is settled respectably.

Building Strategies

Without an expert to organise your case and build strategies, you could be at risk of giving up more than you expected. Our lawyer will also give you legal advice and go over relevant documents to ensure that you receive your fair share when it comes to child or spousal support and property distribution.


You can also trust our divorce lawyer to keep track of the developments in the process and explain the terms to you so that you are always kept informed and prepare you for any further events in the case. The lawyer can also ensure discretion of records so that you can move smoothly in the process and lessen the emotional stress.

At Abi Law, we put the concerns of our clients as our priority when we fight for their rights. If you live around Peterborough and would like to consult us, we would be happy to help you transition from a problematic situation to a place where they can look back without regrets.